"Turan Park" is a social responsibility project.

The files of the park projects in which the 8-pointed Anatolian (Seljuk) Star, representing the 8 virtues, is symbolically located, will be sent free of charge to anyone who likes and wants to implement them to raise the awareness of universal peace and unity, and to increase the feelings of love and gratitude. Projects will not be copyrighted. Attribution requested (Turan Park).

In the hope that these parks will be built all over the world, in any country; with the awareness that these parks (and every part of the world) are a part of the Universe and ours (and a part of us as well); One of the biggest goals of this project is to be instrumental in the strengthening and increase of the following 8 virtues, which are recorded in the essence of all humanity.

◇ Mercy
◇ Compassion
◇ Gratitude
◇ Truthfulness
◇ Generosity
◇ Patience
◇ Loyalty
◇ Keeping secrets

Application Used:

Home Design 3D Outdoor & Garden

The application mentioned above is NOT a professional architectural program. It is an application that anyone can use easily and free of charge, and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. More comprehensive Premium version (of HD3D Outdoor & Garden) is also in a price range that many people can afford.

The files of the park projects are in .hd3d format.

Attention Please:

Turan Park Projects are NOT detailed application projects. They are concept projects. They are formal and minimalist designs with an 8-pointed star theme, designed to increase the number of parks all over the world. Priority has been given to parks that are easy to construct and maintain and are economical.

Except the 8-pointed star, which is the main concept of Turan Park projects, all kinds of changes can be made in the projects.

The plants to be used in the parks should be selected according to the climate, soil and water conditions of the application area. A Cherry Tree in a project may not be suitable for the application area. It may be appropriate to seek consultancy from a Landscape Architect in this regard.

In projects; some objects and structures that should be in every park, such as garbage cans and water fountains, were not included. According to
 the needs and conditions of the area to be applied, it will be more appropriate for you to add them to the necessary places.

There are 18 parks in this project, which was started on 4.4.2022. Thanks in advance to everyone who will be instrumental in the construction and publicity of the parks.

with the power of nature 🙏🏻💙

Emel Tenik 
Landscape Architect, MLA, MBA